Stocks E-book: The Lunchtime Trader


The Lunchtime Trader: En E-bok on Aktier


The Lunchtime Trader

We reveal our simple, 20-minute-a-day formula for building an investment portfolio using strategies used by fund managers

Anyone, can use our formula to win over 90% of all investors… because the majority have no strategy. Learn to find undervalued stocks so you never have to buy at the top of the market again.


“How any beginner can trade and invest their way to financial freedom in just 20 minutes a day with minimal risk of losing money”

In this exclusive book, we will reveal to you:

✓ The 5 reasons why private investors, like you, can make better profits investing in stocks than some of the biggest funds in the world

✓ Our trademarked value-cost-averaging (vca) strategy that can earn you over 15 percent per year

✓ The simple “buffalo” technique to drastically lower your risk where you can earn 3-6% per year

✓ The two golden rules you must follow if you want to make money with your investments