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About us

Although Dennis Sahlström and Philip Klang started their journey burdened with debt, together with Marcus De Maria, they have successfully uncovered the formula for generating wealth with their various investments since 2014. Motivated by their own experiences, they have made it their mission to give so many individuals as possible opportunity to achieve similar financial success. It is the strategies presented in these books that have been the key to the success they have achieved today.

Together they founded P&D Group Investments and Education, a company committed to not only building a formidable empire but also supporting millions of people worldwide in their quest for financial stability and growth. As experienced investors and visionaries, the authors have combined their unique talents and knowledge to create a platform that promotes education, mentorship and sharing of invaluable investment strategies.

Through P&D Group Investments and Education, they aim to help people from all walks of life unlock their potential and transform their financial future. Leveraging their hard-earned expertise and unwavering commitment to their mission, they continue to make a significant impact on the investment world and the lives of those they are privileged to guide and support.

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"The strategies presented in these books and courses have been the key to our success"
- Philip Klang & Dennis Sahlström

P&D Group Logos (29)