"Invest successfully despite current crises: With this unusual strategy I make huge profits with digital currencies"

Only on Thursday the 26th of January at 19pm (Swedish Time CET+1)

Learn the investment strategy that investor Marcus de Maria and Dennis sahlström have shared only with close friends and long-time clients… to consistently invest profitably in digital currencies.

No prior knowledge or technical finesse is required.

Thursday the 26th of January at 19pm (Swedish Time CET+1)


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Thursday the 26th of January at 19pm (Swedish Time CET+1)

The question is... What Is The Next Big Project That Will Go Through The Roof?

If you’ve been thinking about investing in digital currencies for a while, you won’t want to miss the upcoming event… because for the first time, we will show in detail how we research and select blockchain projects – for well above average returns 

Your host is the investor Dennis Sahlström

Dennis sahlström hjälper live workshop investment mastery din trading klubb

What you will learn at the webinar:

1. Why You Should Invest In Digital Currencies Now​

Almost all well-known companies are aggressively betting on this new trend these days – as more and more experts describe the technology behind it as revolutionary; “basic like the internet”.

You will learn from us in simple words what blockchain technology is, how it really works and why it has the potential to grow out of the success of the internet (huge growth potential).

2. The 5 Ways we Consistently Invests Profitably In Digital Currencies

Extremely volatile markets and completely new dynamics – conventional investment strategies will only burn your fingers (and your money) unnecessarily with digital currencies and blockchains.

We will therefore exclusively show you our proven 20M investment strategy, which achieves above average returns and is consistently profitable with – the roller coasters that have been.

3. Exclusive insights into which projects We Are currently focusing on

Marcus & Dennis and their team implement the strategies you will learn during the event – towards the end of the webinar, we will be opening up our portfolio very transparently and shows you some projects we are currently working on.

If you have often thought about investing in digital currencies, here you will get an accurate idea of what successful investments look like in practice.

Bonus: Learn more about Marcus Surprising forecast for the future - for the first time

How will the market fare in the next quarters? How will inflation affect it? What are the things you should look out for? How do we invest successfully and take advantage of the crisis?


Are you ready to change your life?

Thursday the 26th of January at 19pm (Swedish Time CET+1)


Meet your host

About dennis Sahlström

Head trader at Investment Mastery and founder of Din Tradingklubb

Dennis Sahlström

Dennis Sahlström is widely recognized as a dynamic, funny and inspiring coach. He has worked with Marcus De Maria for more than 8 years and is head trader at Investment Mastery.

Originally starting out with loads of debt, he failed and lost all his and his family’s money. Then Marcus took him under his wing and gave him the tools to get out of his situation. He has achieved his current financial freedom through the exact trading and investment strategies he would like to share with you today.

Dennis and Marcus are known from, among other things:

dennis sahlström marcus de maria grupp av människor med certifikat investment mastery

Marcus and Dennis together with graduates from “Investment Mastery University”

Marcis de maria dennis sahlström on stage

Dennis and Marcus share the stage at one of our live workshops


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Thursday the 26th of January at 19pm (Swedish Time CET+1)


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